Apple has done a pretty fine design job with its iMac all-in-one desktop computer. But do you know what makes the minimalist slab of aluminum and glass pop even more? Natural wood… The Understands EVO 1 is an iMac stand that adds a few inches of height, along with integrated storage and a handy shelf. It’s made in the U.S. with sustainably harvested urban wood. It looks gorgeous, makes your iMac look even better, and helps to organize your desktop. 

Functional Design

Depending on your setup, an iMac is not necessarily at the optimal height for viewing the display. In my case, I have been looking at stands to raise the computer a few inches to reduce neck strain. I’d rather do that than lower my chair. I have several monitor stands that would technically do the job, but simply plonking the iMac on top of a riser isn’t necessarily the most stable or elegant solution. 

Understands has clearly put some thought into the design of its EVO iMac Undermount stands. This isn’t simply a raised shelf the iMac sits on top of. The shelf itself is slotted so the iMac’s base slips inside (thus the “Undermount” designation). This makes for a cleaner look, but also prevents accidentally pushing the computer off the top of the shelf. And it means the shelf itself is a clean slate, completely clear for storage.

My review unit came equipped with an optional drawer (the standard EVO is a shelf only, while EVO 1 adds a drawer). This offers hidden storage with plenty of room for pens, thumb drives, batteries and other gear. There are two ports cut into the back of the drawer that can be used to route cables while keeping them stashed out of sight. For example, you may want to have a Lightning cable connected to the iMac and available for charging iOS devices — and you can leave it in the drawer when not in use. The bottom of the drawer has enough clearance for an Apple wireless keyboard to slide underneath when not in use, freeing up desk space.


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